Brady's Farm Market

Fresh From The Farm To You

                                                                                          What You Should Know

As a consumer, you need to know exactly where your fruits and vegetables come from.

Supermarkets offer the same cosmetically perfect bland foods, from apples to bread and cheese. Farmer's markets offer something different. The sweetest strawberries, handmade breads and pastries, real butter, raw honey and much more.

Flavor is the most important quality in food. We distinguish ourselves from supermarkets for these reasons:

1. Fresher products due to shorter distance from farm to you.

2. Minimal cold storage is needed. A quality product sells itself.

3. We have something to sell year round such as fruits and vegetables, butter and cheese, varieties of meat products, jams and jellies, bread and pastries, snacks, candies, flour, corn meal and pancake mixes, syrups, ciders and much, much more...

Brady's Produce grows what it sells in season and offers some of the freshest vegetables in the area. We also partner with local orchards to provide cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines and a very large variety of apples.

Wherever you shop, don't be afraid to ask questions regarding flavor, freshness and taste...